What it Feels Like To Work in an Indian IT Services Company?

India is the Biggest outsourcing country for IT Services and Indian IT companies like Tata Consultancy Service, Infosys, Wipro provide IT services for clients from all the world. India is on top in IT outsourcing because it is highly cost effective and people are ready to work in less salary due to huge population and unemployment.  For the same work in USA, monthly salary will be around $3000 to $5000 but for an Indian IT guy they need to pay less than $1000.

What it Feels Like To Work in an Indian IT Services Company

Disclaimer : These are my views which are based on my friends and colleagues experiences.No offence is meant to any third parties.

Let me first tell you my experience as a fresher. In last semester of my CS degree i got placed in India’s Top IT service company and i was going to start my IT career from the company in which i wanted to work. It was like dream come true for me because i belong from a middle class family and this job was a big deal for me.

After completing my CS degree finally i got my joining letter and my training was started. I was good in technical so i got to choose my technology by clearing a simple test. Total strength of my batch was 48 and i was surprised to know that 70% of them were not having any computer science background. Like me they also got the placement offers in their last semester. I have joined this company because i wanted to become a software developer but my batch mates who comes from mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering have done the biggest mistake of their life. Instead of joining their core branch company they have joined a software company just for the sake of a Job and i will tell why it was their biggest mistake?.

We have finally completed the training and according to performance and rating most of us got project one by one and started working. But the people who belongs from mechanical, electronics and electrical engineering put on bench(Bench in software company means that the individual is not allocated to any project), because in three months nobody can become expert and they were not ready for working in live project. Some of the lucky of them got project as a testing engineer and rest of them been put in internal projects, resource management or got training for other technology.

I know some guys who was on bench for more than a year because they were not getting any interview call because of less requirement. Everyday they need to come office, swipe their cards and spent some time in library, canteen. IT companies keep people on bench because it helps them getting new project as they have people ready to work.

After joining the project it was exiting for me because i got a chance to work for one of biggest USA bank on a Data Warehousing project. It was a migration project and all we had to do is, to implement same functionality in new technology, to be exact it was Informatica and Teradata. Even it was a migration project, i was enjoying my work and my Developer Life was good but it was for few months only. After completing this project i was assigned to other project and it was the worst thing i have done in my life, All i had to do is, analysis, analysis and analysis. For the whole six month i have not written a single code. Everyday my task was to understand the logic of already developed SQL scripts, Procedures, Unix Scripts and do the Reverse Engineering. My final output was a Microsoft Excel report.

I didn’t know even basic formula of Microsoft Excel but thanks to this project now i am Microsoft Excel expert. Due to this work my life turned into hell, everyday after analysis i was just copy pasting in Microsoft Excel. This phase was also over and again i was back on track with development work.

In my two years of experience i have worked on some of the biggest Database for the very big clients and also on shitty excel report. For my work i was appraised by clients and my superiors. I was lucky so i got good opportunities, big clients and nice team mates, but not all of fresher get this.

Reason Not To Work In IT Services Company

Services work can be categorized as Development, Re-Engineering and Maintenance and Support. For Indian IT companies maintenance and support projects are the biggest revenue generators. This is where these company use people to do shitty work like Bug Fixing, Data Migration, Mainframe support, Tech Support, Ticket handling, off-shore support. You can imagine how a person will feel who has expectation to work on development and given Maintenance and support. For support projects office timing can be night shift and some people has to work on holidays also, due to 24×7 contract with client. This video explains the frustration of an Indian IT guy for his day to day problems.

For fresher there will be no preference in case of technology selection, very few get the chance to select their technology. The project you got can be different from the technology you trained in. You got selected for development work but you can be given testing work in the name of project requirement, its completely random. Due to this many people quit the job and go for higher education or switch to other companies for better opportunities.

For everything there is a good side and bad side, for service companies i have explained bad, now good side. If you are lucky then you can get a chance to work for the fortune 500 companies, get onsite opportunities and learn new technology, which can be possible if you work on real life problems and with IT service you are getting these. You can get a chance to work on the biggest real life problem and provide solution for it.

In the end i will say, because these companies millions of Indians have job and they are supporting their families. So you should work in IT Services or not its completely your decision, but i will suggest that your first priority should be Product company.

I have given my inputs, to know more there is a serious discussion going on Quora and many people from IT services has given their positive and negative views. I hope you liked the post, Please give your valuable feedback and suggestion in the comments. Also please like our facebook page and follow us on Twitter for updates.


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