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    Beginners Guide To Creating The Perfect WordPress Website

    Do you want to create a website either for personal or professional use and looking for the perfect path to kick-start your venture? If you are new to WordPress or a regular user, then this article will guide you how to create a WordPress and the ways to enhance your website. You come across live journals, blogs, forums etc. Everyday with new contents and wish that you could have a website through which you can easily convey your message or if you are an entrepreneur and wants to establish your business, then having a website is a prerequisite. If you don’t have a website, then no one would come to…

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    How It Feels To Work With The New Facebook Plug-in – The Instant Article?

    As we all know that Facebook is always looking for unique ways to make it easier for publishers to share and work with their contents on Facebook in a smooth way, and here is when Facebook decided to partner with “Automatic”: A parent company of WordPress.com VIP, that will enable them to develop a free plugin known as WordPress Instant Articles. Now you must be thinking that, what is Instant Articles, right? So, you don’t need to worry about it. WordPress Instant Articles is a type of plug-in that simplifies the process of content generating process as well as publishing them with the help of WordPress CMS tool. This is…

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    A Beginners Guide To HTML Custom Elements

    Regarded as web components, custom elements have allowed authors to define their own elements such as new APIs which can serve as handy options for creating readable markup. Plus, there are other interesting features which air the development of custom elements. I’m sure after hearing the noise about web components and the way they are affecting the web development domain, you’d definitely want to know more about these custom elements. This is exactly what I’ve looked into in this post. What are elements? Elements are basically the bits which end up into creation of web pages. Every web page comprises of two elements viz: the first one comes between <title>…