• How To Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 14.04
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    How To Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 14.04

    If you are going to host your website on Unmanaged Dedicated Server or VPS then in that case you are the one, who is going to install all the required services. You can host any¬†PHP based dynamic website or blog like WordPress on Linux, using Apache Server, MySQL or any other Relational Database and PHP. LAMP is a acronym which is a collection of open source software which represent Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, MySQL database and PHP. By installing these you will be able to run any PHP based dynamic website. In this post i am going to explain How to install and configure Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP(LAMP)…

  • Install Wordpress on Ubuntu VPS
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    How To Install WordPress on Ubuntu VPS – Step By Step Guide

    WordPress is a free open source blogging software and CMS( Content Management System). It is one of the most popular blogging platform which is used by more than 22.0% of the top 10 million websites. The best thing about wordpress is that anyone with basic knowledge of web hosting can create a very good website with tons of feature. WordPress has a very big community of developers who regularly release new plugin and themes. In this post i am going to explain How to setup wordpress on Ubutu VPS with step by step instruction. Prerequisites Before i start i am assuming you have done all the necessary setup for hosting…