• Teradata_Fastload_Utility

    Data Loading Using Teradata Fastload Utility and its Limitation

    FastLoad as name suggest can load vast amounts of data from flat files from a host into empty tables in Teradata with lightning-like speed. FastLoad was developed to loads millions of record into Empty Teradata tables. In my earlier post i have briefly explained about the most used Teradata Data Loading Utilities Features, Uses and Best Practices. Now i am going to explain detail post about Fastload utility which is very simple but very powerful if there is requirement to just load the data in an empty Teradata table. Fastload is a command line utility through which you can load data from Disk on a channel attached system,Flat files on…

  • Teradata Database

    Teradata Data Loading Utilities Features, Uses and Best Practices

    Today’s data warehouses relies on very fast, reliable tools that help in retrieving and managing data. And fast mean you should be able to load very large volume of data from any sources at any given time to updated with you business demands. Day by day demands from more data sources, growing data volumes, dynamically changing business requirements, and user demands for fresher data will increase and it will put your data loading into your data warehouse a big challenge.  But no need to worry Teradata offers a powerful, comprehensive suite of data load and unload utilities for managing your changing data load requirements. Teradata is so advanced in the data-loading…