• Hello World using LiveCode

    Hello World! on Android using LiveCode

    In my last post i explained about LiveCode programming language which is super easy and lets you create Apps for Android, iOS, Linux quickly without worrying the platform. Apps created through LiveCode can be ported to other platform without modifying the source code. The best thing about LiveCode is that even novice user can code and use complex features of mobile devices using English like programming language. In this post i am going to explain creating a simple Hello World! program using LiveCode and running it on any Android Mobile. LiveCode Application Structure and How it Works Before creating the app let me explain you the structure of LiveCode Application.…

  • Android App using LiveCode

    Create Apps for Android, iOS, Linux Quickly using LiveCode

    LiveCode is a programming language which allows cross platform application development very easy. its main goal is to make everybody code using high level English like language. What is LiveCode? With LiveCode you can create an App and it will work in platform like Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows without changing any code. LiveCode makes it easy to turn your concepts, ideas or designs into powerful applications. LiveCode has an easy to use drag and drop interface for creating your user interface, once you have created your UI you use LiveCode‚Äôs high-level, English like language to code your application. LiveCode is a compile free language so you can run and…