• Use Rsync to Backup Local and Remote Directories on Linux
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    How To Use Rsync to Backup Local and Remote Directories on Linux

    Recently while working on a project i had a requirement to regularly take backup of our source file folder to some other location for archival and Rsync utility came handy here. In this post i am going to explain how we can use Rsync to Sync or Backup Local and Remote Directories. What Is Rsync? Rsync is a utility that keeps copies of a file on two computer systems. It is commonly found on Unix-like systems and functions as both a file synchronization and file transfer program. It is famous for its delta-transfer algorithm, which reduces the amount of data sent over the network by sending only the differences between the…

  • How To Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 14.04
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    How To Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 14.04

    If you are going to host your website on Unmanaged Dedicated Server or VPS then in that case you are the one, who is going to install all the required services. You can host any PHP based dynamic website or blog like WordPress on Linux, using Apache Server, MySQL or any other Relational Database and PHP. LAMP is a acronym which is a collection of open source software which represent Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, MySQL database and PHP. By installing these you will be able to run any PHP based dynamic website. In this post i am going to explain How to install and configure Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP(LAMP)…

  • 30 Most Useful Linux Commands

    30 Most Frequently Used Linux Commands With Examples

    This blogpost gives a list of 30 Most Frequently Used Linux/Unix Commands With Examples. I tried to list out the most frequent commands, which will be useful for any Linux user in day to day life. I have also given examples with each command so that it will be easy for you to understand.   1. ls Command Examples :  This is the most frequently used linux command and it list the the current directory. ls without any option list the current working directory # ls ODBCDataSources gai.conf mail rc4.d X11 gconf mail.rc rc5.d adduser.conf gnome mailcap rc6.d By default ls without option won’t show the hidden files, to view…