• Develop An iOS App in Xcode
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    How to Develop An iOS App in Xcode?

    Here is a step-to-step tutorial for developing iPhone apps in Xcode. The guidelines illustrated here suggests a step-by-step method to create your app using Xcode interface. With the advent of mobile app development there are now a lot of tools and platforms you can use to develop a mobile app. Xcode is one such software used by many of the best mobile app development companies for iOS app development. Prerequisite: 1. Download Xcode7 from Mac App Store. 2. You can download the Xcode manually by going to Apple Developer Page for Xcode. XCode Interface Over here, we shall be using XCode7 Interface for our pedagogy. The diagram shown above refers…

  • When to use jQuery Mobile?

    A Simple-to-Follow Guideline On Building Apps Using jQuery Mobile

    If building truly outstanding apps is your passion, then jQuery is for you. Assuming your familiarity with the remarkable pros of this high-end open source multi-platform UI framework, I’ve written this tutorial which walks you through the method of building high-performing mobile applications. When to use jQuery Mobile? jQuery Mobile serves as an excellent option for building apps where you need to cater to screens with different sizes, orientations and pixel densities. This framework is the best match for app owners who want to perform dozens of hacks on a very frequent basis. Now, coming to the process of building an application using jQuery Mobile Step 1- Create a Basic…

  • AppArchitect- A High-end Platform For Coding And Template Free iOS App Creation

    AppArchitect- A High-end Platform For Coding And Template Free iOS App Creation

    With smartphone app creation becoming one of the fastest growing phenomenons in the current year, more and more developers are getting engaged in development of applications for numerous mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. With an easy access to a wide variety of app building platforms, these developers have found their way out to creating beautiful yet functionally-rich mobile applications. The latest to join the group of best iOS app building platforms is AppArchitect. To learn more about this iOS app building platform, keep on reading this post as I’d be revealing some of the best assets of AppArchitect for all those who want to…