• Develop An iOS App in Xcode
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    How to Develop An iOS App in Xcode?

    Here is a step-to-step tutorial for developing iPhone apps in Xcode. The guidelines illustrated here suggests a step-by-step method to create your app using Xcode interface. With the advent of mobile app development there are now a lot of tools and platforms you can use to develop a mobile app. Xcode is one such software used by many of the best mobile app development companies for iOS app development. Prerequisite: 1. Download Xcode7 from Mac App Store. 2. You can download the Xcode manually by going to Apple Developer Page for Xcode. XCode Interface Over here, we shall be using XCode7 Interface for our pedagogy. The diagram shown above refers…

  • A Beginner's Guide To Create An Android App Using Eclipse
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    A Beginner’s Guide To Create An Android App Using Eclipse

    With the growing usage of mobile devices, the need for mobile application development is on a rise. Besides, the development of an increasing number of Smartphones, tablet PCs and software platforms (like iOS, Windows Phone 7, etc.) is changing the mobile landscape, and creating opportunities for mobile developers to create apps for the expanding consumer base. However, creating a mobile app can be overwhelming since it requires you to focus on several aspects. Which platform should you choose for app development? What kind of language you need to learn to build the app? What tools and resources are required for the mobile app project? and so on. At present, Android…

  • When to use jQuery Mobile?

    A Simple-to-Follow Guideline On Building Apps Using jQuery Mobile

    If building truly outstanding apps is your passion, then jQuery is for you. Assuming your familiarity with the remarkable pros of this high-end open source multi-platform UI framework, I’ve written this tutorial which walks you through the method of building high-performing mobile applications. When to use jQuery Mobile? jQuery Mobile serves as an excellent option for building apps where you need to cater to screens with different sizes, orientations and pixel densities. This framework is the best match for app owners who want to perform dozens of hacks on a very frequent basis. Now, coming to the process of building an application using jQuery Mobile Step 1- Create a Basic…

  • A Developer’s life in GIF
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    A Developer’s Life in GIF – Part 2

    Few weeks back i have compiled a collection of GIF, which represent day to day developer’s life. I got huge response for that compilation from developer community. That compilation was featured on Reddit and  Dzone and got tweeted by developers from all over the world. You should check this part 1 or this Epic GIF compilation and spread it among your developer friends. A Developer’s life in GIF In this post again i have compiled another epic List of GIF for developers, after watching i am sure you will say I am a developer and i can relate this After Compiling a whole new big part of code for the first time…

  • Create Android App Using Any Android Device
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    How To Create An Android App Using Any Android Phone or Tablet

    Its like inception, Creating an Android App using and Android App which you will use in your Android Device 🙂 and You can do this with AIDE( Android IDE). In my earlier post i have listed out 6 Best Android Apps For Developers which you can install in any android device and use it as a code editor for almost all popular programming languages. With these apps you can write code but for compilation you need to transfer it to you pc. What if i tell you that your Android device can do more than just playing game and messaging. Now you can build, compile and run a Android Application…

  • Laravel PHP Framework
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    Best PHP Frameworks for Developers in 2014

    In my last post i have compiled a list of Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers and that is must check for front end developement. Now lets talk about Server Side programming, and the first thing come in my mind is PHP. PHP is a server side scripting language for web development and is used on more than 240 million websites and 2.1 million web servers. All the biggest site use PHP, a good example will be Facebook. Also most popular CMS is also built in PHP. Coding hard is good but why to do that if there are many frameworks available which gives you all the necessary things to build…

  • Hello World using LiveCode

    Hello World! on Android using LiveCode

    In my last post i explained about LiveCode programming language which is super easy and lets you create Apps for Android, iOS, Linux quickly without worrying the platform. Apps created through LiveCode can be ported to other platform without modifying the source code. The best thing about LiveCode is that even novice user can code and use complex features of mobile devices using English like programming language. In this post i am going to explain creating a simple Hello World! program using LiveCode and running it on any Android Mobile. LiveCode Application Structure and How it Works Before creating the app let me explain you the structure of LiveCode Application.…