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Smartphone App Development – iOS vs Android

Smartphones are so popular nowadays that every 4th person in this world has one smartphone not depending on which operating system the smartphone is running.

Smartphones mainly runs in iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and some other operating systems out of which Android captures 80.2% of market share and iOS with 14.8%, the rest is very low to count.

Android was developed by Google Inc. in Sept’08 and iOS was developed by Apple Inc. in June’07 both companies allow developers to get maximum features to develop an application.

If a mobile phone application runs on Android than Google take $25/yr for publishing and requires 6-9 hrs to get app reviewed, on the other hand Apple take $99/yr for publishing and requires 1-2 weeks to get app reviewed.

Some other facts about Android apps and iOS apps are as follows:

1) Total number of apps in Android are 1,376,633 and in iOS no. goes to 1,300,000 as on Oct’14

2) In iTunes store only 25% of apps are available free, the rest is paid, but on other hand Play Store has 85% free apps which attracts more users to use cool features for free, an important point to note here is that FREE apps generates revenue through advertisements.

3) Also, through in-app purchase the publisher earns money and it is interesting to note that only 32% of iOS apps has in-app purchases and on the other hand the figure for Android is 42%.

There are more facts about Smartphone app development – iOS vs Android in the below info-graphics which are produced by Nine Hertz.


Smartphone app development - iOS vs Android

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