• Develop An iOS App in Xcode
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    How to Develop An iOS App in Xcode?

    Here is a step-to-step tutorial for developing iPhone apps in Xcode. The guidelines illustrated here suggests a step-by-step method to create your app using Xcode interface. With the advent of mobile app development there are now a lot of tools and platforms you can use to develop a mobile app. Xcode is one such software used by many of the best mobile app development companies for iOS app development. Prerequisite: 1. Download Xcode7 from Mac App Store. 2. You can download the Xcode manually by going to Apple Developer Page for Xcode. XCode Interface Over here, we shall be using XCode7 Interface for our pedagogy. The diagram shown above refers…

  • Wordpress

    How It Feels To Work With The New Facebook Plug-in – The Instant Article?

    As we all know that Facebook is always looking for unique ways to make it easier for publishers to share and work with their contents on Facebook in a smooth way, and here is when Facebook decided to partner with “Automatic”: A parent company of WordPress.com VIP, that will enable them to develop a free plugin known as WordPress Instant Articles. Now you must be thinking that, what is Instant Articles, right? So, you don’t need to worry about it. WordPress Instant Articles is a type of plug-in that simplifies the process of content generating process as well as publishing them with the help of WordPress CMS tool. This is…

  • UX Mistakes That Can Be Avoided Very Easily
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    UX Mistakes That Can Be Avoided Very Easily

    In this ephemeral technology world can you think of making a website that can be highly functional even after 10 years after today. Well this is possible and to do this you need to do the following things: To start with you need to pay heed to the following important things as mentioned below. Make sure that you deliver a robust and a crash-proof mobile app Make sure write clean code Make sure that your navigation process is crystal-clear between all the set of feature Make sure to build a simple and obviously a strong interface Despite of a lot of planing we have some quite an important elements in…

  • Marketing of App on YouTube
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    How to do Best Marketing of App on YouTube

    If an image is worth a thousand words, imaging how powerful a video can be. After a humble beginning in 2005, YouTube has become more than just a place to watch cat videos. YouTube has been emerged as a second largest search engine, a driver of online culture. Since 2005, YouTube is keep on growing like fire in forest. And it is not wrong to say that it is become the one of the best tool for marketing. Startups, Enterprises, Industries, Corporates even Government is using it for marketing to reach the targeted audience and achieve the desired results. As we all are pretty much confident that YouTube can be…

  • Creating an exceptional UX with IoT

    Creating an exceptional UX with IoT

    Last year Internet of Things (IOT) took a vow that smart devices will work together faultlessly to do everything from brewing coffee to setting the speed on your car. Unfortunately, this isn’t reality! IoT is still evolving, and users are still adjusting to the idea of fully connected devices. As a result, we are completely lost. Designing for IoT comes with a bunch of challenges which are new to designers. The major factors go into creating an exceptional UX in the IoT are: Utilize proper hardware The Internet of things bears a significant challenge in UX because the hardware is the user experience. The sensors, processors and the communicators determine…

  • Teradata_Fastload_Utility

    Data Loading Using Teradata Fastload Utility and its Limitation

    FastLoad as name suggest can load vast amounts of data from flat files from a host into empty tables in Teradata with lightning-like speed. FastLoad was developed to loads millions of record into Empty Teradata tables. In my earlier post i have briefly explained about the most used Teradata Data Loading Utilities Features, Uses and Best Practices. Now i am going to explain detail post about Fastload utility which is very simple but very powerful if there is requirement to just load the data in an empty Teradata table. Fastload is a command line utility through which you can load data from Disk on a channel attached system,Flat files on…

  • A Beginner's Guide To Create An Android App Using Eclipse
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    A Beginner’s Guide To Create An Android App Using Eclipse

    With the growing usage of mobile devices, the need for mobile application development is on a rise. Besides, the development of an increasing number of Smartphones, tablet PCs and software platforms (like iOS, Windows Phone 7, etc.) is changing the mobile landscape, and creating opportunities for mobile developers to create apps for the expanding consumer base. However, creating a mobile app can be overwhelming since it requires you to focus on several aspects. Which platform should you choose for app development? What kind of language you need to learn to build the app? What tools and resources are required for the mobile app project? and so on. At present, Android…

  • ASP .net,  Coding

    How To Set Up and Use Authentication Filters in ASP.Net Web API 2

    Over the years, ASP.Net has been recognized as one of the most trusted frameworks for building high-performing web applications. Plus, there is the ASP.NET Web API which serves as yet another impressive framework for building web APIs on top of the already popular .NET framework. With HTTP serving as a powerful platform for building APIs which expose data and services, it is essential for you to authenticate every HTTP request at the earliest. Fortunately, we have the authentication filters which make this possible. Today, through this tutorial, I intend to deliver some useful details about setting up and using Authentication filters in ASP.NET. What exactly is an Authentication Filter? Authentication…

  • Coding,  HTML,  Wordpress

    A Beginners Guide To HTML Custom Elements

    Regarded as web components, custom elements have allowed authors to define their own elements such as new APIs which can serve as handy options for creating readable markup. Plus, there are other interesting features which air the development of custom elements. I’m sure after hearing the noise about web components and the way they are affecting the web development domain, you’d definitely want to know more about these custom elements. This is exactly what I’ve looked into in this post. What are elements? Elements are basically the bits which end up into creation of web pages. Every web page comprises of two elements viz: the first one comes between <title>…

  • Wordpress

    5 Steps To Keep Your WordPress Site Steady Against Hacker Attacks

    If you need to set up an easy-to-use website for your business, then you will most likely end up choosing WordPress as your development platform. While WordPress is a simple and easy to operate content management system (CMS), its ever-increasing popularity makes it a target for hackers. This is why maintaining the security of your WordPress site should always be your top priority. You may not find a surefire technique to keep your site 100% protected, but there are simple steps following which you can keep the website steady against hacking attempts. Let’s have a look at 5 steps that you must follow for keeping your site protected from hackers:…