Expert Tips for Job Search In The Holiday Season

Expert Tips for Job Search In The Holiday Season

This is the slow moving winter which seems to slow down even the most enterprising of the individuals. Many job seekers become the victim of passiveness and put a break on their job search during the winter holiday season which more than harms their career prospects. Here are some tips for keeping your job search on the right track and get the best jobs during this period.

 Most job hunters commit this mistake of slowing down in their initiatives of finding a new job with the onset of winter. Career experts call this a blunder as hiring doesn’t stop in organizations. In contrary, end of the year is the time when companies are rushing to fill job openings that might become obsolete with the coming year.  There is a widespread belief that recruiting activities slow down during holidays, which is nothing more than a myth. According to Roy Cohen, the author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide, “That’s a myth — so when other people take off from their job searching during the holidays, you’re at an advantage should an opportunity surface. It’s all about numbers and odds.”

According to a survey published by that sampled responses of 2,200 hiring managers and HR manager, 43% of retailers are planning to hire new employees this holiday season, which is greater than 39% of last year. Plus, 26% of companies across different industries are going to hire seasonal employee in the fourth quarter.

The Competition Is Less:

Holidays could be the best time to search for new jobs. With many job seekers out of the running, companies tend to receive fewer applications during the holiday season, which improves the odds that a candidate with a strong resume will get called for an interview.

Here are some tips to make the most of this holiday season:

Don’t Be Rigid:

We all know that this is a holiday season but that doesn’t mean that if a recruiter calls you for an interview you will put him off to another date or ask him to postpone the interview for another week. Just consider this, when he is working, calling candidates, forgoing all comforts and festivities of this season for the sake of his organization’s health, you can also be flexible about being interviewed at unusual times.

Volunteer With NGOs

Holidays is the time when most Not for Profit organizations start with their new initiatives as the availability of volunteers is the maximum during this season. Volunteering is a great way to get yourself known amongst those in the business.  Volunteering also helps you gain new skills and fill the gap between two jobs. When you meet other volunteers, who will be like-minded individuals like you it will help you make feel good.

Holiday Time Is The Best For Networking

This is the ideal time to connect with the members of your network is the holiday time when everyone is in a relaxed mode and looking forward to a conversation with their acquaintances who they have not been in touch with. You can utilize holiday social events for a very useful purpose.  Accept all the invitations that you receive and when you meet people in these events let them know you are job searching.  You may never know from which direction the help may arrive.

These days, sending e-cards, wishing candidates happy holidays or Christmas or New Year is the new fad. It is a good way to connect with those business contacts that can help you with a job search.

Keep Your Resume Updated

This advice holds true for any season. If you work at a company where the holiday season is a slow one, it is wise to take advantage. One way would be keep updating your resume with the latest and the most relevant skills. An updated resume with a proper format reflects positively on you. It shows that you are serious in your job search initiatives. It also tells the recruiter about your preparedness for the next step, which is a face to face round.

An important thing to keep in mind is the usage of proper resume formats for the jobs that you are applying to.  If you are unsure, it is advisable to take the help of a resume writing service or refer to CV samples available on the web that are relevant to your industry and job level.

Conclusion: Holidays are essentially meant for leisure and enjoyment. Thus it is necessary to take some time for yourself and your family. But don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open for a passing opportunity which might land you your next dream job.

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