Android App using LiveCode

Create Apps for Android, iOS, Linux Quickly using LiveCode

LiveCode is a programming language which allows cross platform application development very easy. its main goal is to make everybody code using high level English like language.

Livecode Programming Language

What is LiveCode?

With LiveCode you can create an App and it will work in platform like Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows without changing any code. LiveCode makes it easy to turn your concepts, ideas or designs into powerful applications.

LiveCode has an easy to use drag and drop interface for creating your user interface, once you have created your UI you use LiveCode’s high-level, English like language to code your application. LiveCode is a compile free language so you can run and edit your application live, allowing you to add code gradually, and develop iteratively, testing as you go, with no compile time or delay.

How LiveCode works?

Within minutes you can create a simple graphical application in LiveCode. First you create a user interface, including any windows, palettes, dialogs you require. Then you populate the user interface with controls, like push buttons, check boxes, text fields or menus. Finally, you use LiveCode’s English-like programming language to tell your application how to behave.

Watch this video demo to understand how LiveCode works

LiveCode IDE is very easy to use and well designed. When you start LiveCode you will see a collection of components, these components make up the Integrated Development Environment, or IDE. This is where you will create your application.

How LiveCode Works

LiveCode is very fast and very fast means, really very fast
Watch this video in which Ben tries to develop an iOS app as fast as possible using LiveCode

How to install LiveCode?

You got the idea about LiveCode, now let me explain you how to install LiveCode. There are two versions of Livecode one for comercial use, and another is open-source and free, for open-source Livecode launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 and it raised them more than 350000£.

I am going to explain installing LiveCode on Linux. You can download Livecode in Linux through Terminal using wget command.

# wget

After running above command move the file to your home directory . Then change the permission to executable and run it.

$ chmod 755 LiveCodeCommunityInstaller-6_6_2-Linux.x86 
$ ./LiveCodeCommunityInstaller-6_6_2-Linux.x86

please remember to replace your livecode version in the above command. If everything is OK then setup will start. During installation it will ask to create free account, you can create or skip it.

Alternatively you can download setup for linux from LiveCode Download Page

I will try to add more post on LiveCode, for now give your feedback and suggestion in comments.

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