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    Beginners Guide To Creating The Perfect WordPress Website

    Do you want to create a website either for personal or professional use and looking for the perfect path to kick-start your venture? If you are new to WordPress or a regular user, then this article will guide you how to create a WordPress and the ways to enhance your website. You come across live journals, blogs, forums etc. Everyday with new contents and wish that you could have a website through which you can easily convey your message or if you are an entrepreneur and wants to establish your business, then having a website is a prerequisite. If you don’t have a website, then no one would come to…

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    WordPress Errors? Here are the Best Solutions to 10 Most Common Errors In WordPress

    WordPress is indisputably the most popular Content Management System to build a robust and visually appealing website. However, while WordPress is extremely flexible and easy to use, there are certain WordPress errors that may make even a non-technical person frustrated. Whether it’s the error establishing database connection or a white screen of death, it drives us crazy. But whenever WordPress decides to popup an error, punch it back with the following solutions. In today’s post, we have compiled a list of most common WordPress errors and also shared the most effective solutions for them. 1. Internal Server Error or 500 Internal Server Error Internal Server Error or 500 Internal Server…

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    5 Essential WordPress Plugins You Need to Create Compelling Content

    WordPress now powers with more than 26% of Web, according to the recent stats of March 2016 daily 500 new websites are created on WordPress. Also, it’s growing exponentially with a total market share of 59.4 as the most popular CMS. While your site can function unlimited with over 44,000 WordPress Plugins, more specifically you need to focus on the Content quality. Content Marketing is majorly trending these days, with over 80% of B2B marketers today are content dependent. Content Marketing talks of ‘quality over quantity’ and with the powerful WordPress Plugins featured here, you can create a killer and compelling content. Using a few of them or just a…

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    How It Feels To Work With The New Facebook Plug-in – The Instant Article?

    As we all know that Facebook is always looking for unique ways to make it easier for publishers to share and work with their contents on Facebook in a smooth way, and here is when Facebook decided to partner with “Automatic”: A parent company of WordPress.com VIP, that will enable them to develop a free plugin known as WordPress Instant Articles. Now you must be thinking that, what is Instant Articles, right? So, you don’t need to worry about it. WordPress Instant Articles is a type of plug-in that simplifies the process of content generating process as well as publishing them with the help of WordPress CMS tool. This is…

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    A Beginners Guide To HTML Custom Elements

    Regarded as web components, custom elements have allowed authors to define their own elements such as new APIs which can serve as handy options for creating readable markup. Plus, there are other interesting features which air the development of custom elements. I’m sure after hearing the noise about web components and the way they are affecting the web development domain, you’d definitely want to know more about these custom elements. This is exactly what I’ve looked into in this post. What are elements? Elements are basically the bits which end up into creation of web pages. Every web page comprises of two elements viz: the first one comes between <title>…

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    5 Steps To Keep Your WordPress Site Steady Against Hacker Attacks

    If you need to set up an easy-to-use website for your business, then you will most likely end up choosing WordPress as your development platform. While WordPress is a simple and easy to operate content management system (CMS), its ever-increasing popularity makes it a target for hackers. This is why maintaining the security of your WordPress site should always be your top priority. You may not find a surefire technique to keep your site 100% protected, but there are simple steps following which you can keep the website steady against hacking attempts. Let’s have a look at 5 steps that you must follow for keeping your site protected from hackers:…

  • Twitter Cards Integration Guide

    How To Integrate Twitter Cards In WordPress And Blogger Blog

    Sometime you have to say so many thing but you have very less word, same can be happen in case with Twitter. Twitter gives anyone 140 character for status update. If you own a website or blog then you may be using Twitter to share latest article. By default twitter allows you to add 140 character and link in status update, it does not shows the link preview like other social networking site Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn shows. Now you can Remove Twitter 140 character limitation with Twitter Cards and your twitter updates will look cool and more engaging. Twitter cards helps you increase twitter follower and at the same time encourage others to…

  • Install Wordpress on Ubuntu VPS
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    How To Install WordPress on Ubuntu VPS – Step By Step Guide

    WordPress is a free open source blogging software and CMS( Content Management System). It is one of the most popular blogging platform which is used by more than 22.0% of the top 10 million websites. The best thing about wordpress is that anyone with basic knowledge of web hosting can create a very good website with tons of feature. WordPress has a very big community of developers who regularly release new plugin and themes. In this post i am going to explain How to setup wordpress on Ubutu VPS with step by step instruction. Prerequisites Before i start i am assuming you have done all the necessary setup for hosting…