• Marketing of App on YouTube
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    How to do Best Marketing of App on YouTube

    If an image is worth a thousand words, imaging how powerful a video can be. After a humble beginning in 2005, YouTube has become more than just a place to watch cat videos. YouTube has been emerged as a second largest search engine, a driver of online culture. Since 2005, YouTube is keep on growing like fire in forest. And it is not wrong to say that it is become the one of the best tool for marketing. Startups, Enterprises, Industries, Corporates even Government is using it for marketing to reach the targeted audience and achieve the desired results. As we all are pretty much confident that YouTube can be…

  • A Developer’s life in GIF
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    A Developer’s Life in GIF – Part 2

    Few weeks back i have compiled a collection of GIF, which represent day to day developer’s life. I got huge response for that compilation from developer community. That compilation was featured on Reddit and  Dzone and got tweeted by developers from all over the world. You should check this part 1 or this Epic GIF compilation and spread it among your developer friends. A Developer’s life in GIF In this post again i have compiled another epic List of GIF for developers, after watching i am sure you will say I am a developer and i can relate this After Compiling a whole new big part of code for the first time…

  • Developer Life in Gif Part 2
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    A Developer’s life in GIF

    You may think what is the relation of GIF to this programming blog , but let me tell you just scroll down and see. This post contains pictures from a Developer daily life. I was in these situation many times what about you ? I am 100% sure that you will say I am a developer and i can relate this When I show the boss that I have finally fixed this bug When my project manager enters the office When I’m deploying code to production When my regex returned exactly what I expected When the code that I have not tested on dev works perfectly in production When I…