• UX Mistakes That Can Be Avoided Very Easily
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    UX Mistakes That Can Be Avoided Very Easily

    In this ephemeral technology world can you think of making a website that can be highly functional even after 10 years after today. Well this is possible and to do this you need to do the following things: To start with you need to pay heed to the following important things as mentioned below. Make sure that you deliver a robust and a crash-proof mobile app Make sure write clean code Make sure that your navigation process is crystal-clear between all the set of feature Make sure to build a simple and obviously a strong interface Despite of a lot of planing we have some quite an important elements in…

  • Creating an exceptional UX with IoT

    Creating an exceptional UX with IoT

    Last year Internet of Things (IOT) took a vow that smart devices will work together faultlessly to do everything from brewing coffee to setting the speed on your car. Unfortunately, this isn’t reality! IoT is still evolving, and users are still adjusting to the idea of fully connected devices. As a result, we are completely lost. Designing for IoT comes with a bunch of challenges which are new to designers. The major factors go into creating an exceptional UX in the IoT are: Utilize proper hardware The Internet of things bears a significant challenge in UX because the hardware is the user experience. The sensors, processors and the communicators determine…

  • How To Create a Fixed Header and Footer Layout In HTML
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    How To Create a Fixed Header and Footer Layout In HTML

    There are multiple advantage of using a fixed Header and Footer in your webpage. You can put your navigation and social media profile links in header and footer and it will be always visible to users. With fixed header when your visitor reads your post and come to the end then from there he can go to other section of your website and this way user engagement will increase. In this post i will create a simple page layout with Fixed Header and Footer using basic HTML and CSS code. You can use given code snippet to modify the design. I will use the HTML div tag and apply CSS…

  • Best Online HTML and CSS Code Editor For Web Developers
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    Best Online HTML and CSS Code Editor For Web Developers

    The two basic building blocks of any web application is HTML and CSS. Few years back the design of any website was very basic but due to advancement in HTML and CSS, now we can see some of  the well designed responsive websites. Earlier web developers used to code in notepad or any code editor and after that too see the output each time they need to open it in browser, but now there are many Web Based HTML and CSS Code Editors, who allow you to write the code and see the output from the browser itself. In this post i am going to list out Best Online HTML and…

  • 10 Best Android Apps For Developers
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    6 Best Android Apps For Developers

    No doubt Android is the most popular mobile OS available right now with over 1 billion active monthly users. According to a developer survey 71% of all mobile developers, develop for Android. You can also Develop Apps for Android quickly using LiveCode. We play games and do social networking as a normal user but these are not the only usage of your mobile. Your mobile and tablet can also be used as a development tool. In this post i am going to list out 6 Best Android Apps For Developers which can be used as a code editor for many languages. 1. DroidEdit My personal favorite android app is DroidEdit . Its a…