How to Migrate Your Existing HTML Website To Joomla

    Joomla is an open source and free content management system (CMS) that enables you to create reliable websites. It is written in PHP and built on model-view-controller (MVC) web application framework. It is free and uses object oriented programming concepts (OOPS). It stores data on MySQL and supports features like RSS feeds, blogs, caching etc. It leads to a high-end clientele. Joomla enables you to create content-rich interactive websites. It is commonly used to create online stores and other useful business-related websites. A Joomla template defines how your website will look and how web pages would be displayed, in short, it projects the outlook of your website. Some amazing facts…

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    A Beginners Guide To HTML Custom Elements

    Regarded as web components, custom elements have allowed authors to define their own elements such as new APIs which can serve as handy options for creating readable markup. Plus, there are other interesting features which air the development of custom elements. I’m sure after hearing the noise about web components and the way they are affecting the web development domain, you’d definitely want to know more about these custom elements. This is exactly what I’ve looked into in this post. What are elements? Elements are basically the bits which end up into creation of web pages. Every web page comprises of two elements viz: the first one comes between <title>…

  • How To Create a Fixed Header and Footer Layout In HTML
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    How To Create a Fixed Header and Footer Layout In HTML

    There are multiple advantage of using a fixed Header and Footer in your webpage. You can put your navigation and social media profile links in header and footer and it will be always visible to users. With fixed header when your visitor reads your post and come to the end then from there he can go to other section of your website and this way user engagement will increase. In this post i will create a simple page layout with Fixed Header and Footer using basic HTML and CSS code. You can use given code snippet to modify the design. I will use the HTML div tag and apply CSS…

  • Best Online HTML and CSS Code Editor For Web Developers
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    Best Online HTML and CSS Code Editor For Web Developers

    The two basic building blocks of any web application is HTML and CSS. Few years back┬áthe design of any website was very basic but due to advancement in HTML and CSS, now we can see some of ┬áthe well designed responsive websites. Earlier web developers used to code in notepad or any code editor and after that too see the output each time they need to open it in browser, but now there are many Web Based HTML and CSS Code Editors, who allow you to write the code and see the output from the browser itself. In this post i am going to list out Best Online HTML and…