• Are Online Courses Good Enough To Learn Programming?

    Are Online Courses Good Enough To Learn Programming?

    September 12th is the day when we celebrate the International Programmer’s Day every year. However, we rarely think about the humongous amount of code that works in background when we connect with our loved ones online through video chatting service like Skype or Hangouts or shop on an e-commerce website.  We almost take for granted all these conveniences and technological aids only made possible through the code written by programmers. As the world becomes more technology driven the need of good programming minds is only going to increase in future and hence we are witnessing the sudden emphasis on learning to code. As the world is scrambling to become a…

  • Expert Tips for Job Search In The Holiday Season

    Expert Tips for Job Search In The Holiday Season

    This is the slow moving winter which seems to slow down even the most enterprising of the individuals. Many job seekers become the victim of passiveness and put a break on their job search during the winter holiday season which more than harms their career prospects. Here are some tips for keeping your job search on the right track and get the best jobs during this period.  Most job hunters commit this mistake of slowing down in their initiatives of finding a new job with the onset of winter. Career experts call this a blunder as hiring doesn’t stop in organizations. In contrary, end of the year is the time…

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    What it Feels Like To Work in an Indian IT Services Company?

    India is the Biggest outsourcing country for IT Services and Indian IT companies like Tata Consultancy Service, Infosys, Wipro provide IT services for clients from all the world. India is on top in IT outsourcing because it is highly cost effective and people are ready to work in less salary due to huge population and unemployment.  For the same work in USA, monthly salary will be around $3000 to $5000 but for an Indian IT guy they need to pay less than $1000. Disclaimer : These are my views which are based on my friends and colleagues experiences.No offence is meant to any third parties. Let me first tell you…