• Case study audio visualization view for android by Cleveroad
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    How to implement WaveInApp Visualizer into an Android App

    Our talented developers are always full of creative ideas. And when they have a free minute, they try to put them into action. WaveInApp is a result of musical inspiration. It is a library which lets you visualize the music, you listen on any Android device, starting from 3.0 version. In other words, it’s a player, designed as an animated graphic equalizer. When you think about an equalizer while developing Android apps, you definitely imagine numerous lines, which dance on a screen in the rhythm of the music. In our equalizer, each line, which represents a certain audio-frequency, is placed one on another and has its own bright colour. When…

  • Android Apps That Can Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Sales
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    14 Android Apps That Can Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

    We are living in the mobile-obsessed world where half of the consumers are busy engrossing their handheld devices/gadgets for online shopping from pure eCommerce to brick-and-click stores. Of course, mobile friendly sites are performing well, but nearly 80% shopping takes place through mobile applications for eCommerce. If we dig further, data of a survey indicates that Android OS bearing devices are forefront in conversions for eCommerce across the globe. Being an open source platform, Android is enjoying a plenty of advantages against its ultimate rivals such as iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile. Despite its inherent fragmentation issues, Android platform enjoys a vast audience that is a nightmare for its competitors.…

  • Marketing of App on YouTube
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    How to do Best Marketing of App on YouTube

    If an image is worth a thousand words, imaging how powerful a video can be. After a humble beginning in 2005, YouTube has become more than just a place to watch cat videos. YouTube has been emerged as a second largest search engine, a driver of online culture. Since 2005, YouTube is keep on growing like fire in forest. And it is not wrong to say that it is become the one of the best tool for marketing. Startups, Enterprises, Industries, Corporates even Government is using it for marketing to reach the targeted audience and achieve the desired results. As we all are pretty much confident that YouTube can be…

  • A Beginner's Guide To Create An Android App Using Eclipse
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    A Beginner’s Guide To Create An Android App Using Eclipse

    With the growing usage of mobile devices, the need for mobile application development is on a rise. Besides, the development of an increasing number of Smartphones, tablet PCs and software platforms (like iOS, Windows Phone 7, etc.) is changing the mobile landscape, and creating opportunities for mobile developers to create apps for the expanding consumer base. However, creating a mobile app can be overwhelming since it requires you to focus on several aspects. Which platform should you choose for app development? What kind of language you need to learn to build the app? What tools and resources are required for the mobile app project? and so on. At present, Android…

  • Mobile Application Development
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    Smartphone App Development – iOS vs Android

    Smartphones are so popular nowadays that every 4th person in this world has one smartphone not depending on which operating system the smartphone is running. Smartphones mainly runs in iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and some other operating systems out of which Android captures 80.2% of market share and iOS with 14.8%, the rest is very low to count. Android was developed by Google Inc. in Sept’08 and iOS was developed by Apple Inc. in June’07 both companies allow developers to get maximum features to develop an application. If a mobile phone application runs on Android than Google take $25/yr for publishing and requires 6-9 hrs to get app reviewed,…

  • How to Migrate Android Project From Eclipse to Android Studio
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    How to Migrate Android Project From Eclipse to Android Studio

    Eclipse is the most popular open-source IDE for Application Development. It has various plugins and due to that it is possible to use Eclipse as and IDE for almost any programming language. For Android Application Development Eclipse is the most preferred IDE, but now Application developers are preferring Android Studio because of its feature and ease of  use. Android Studio is in beta right now but its an IDE worth exploring.   In this post i will explain How to Migrate Existing Android Project From Eclipse to Android Studio There are two ways to Migrate Existing Android App Project From Eclipse IDE to Android Studio 1. Import Directly Into Android Studio…

  • Create Android App Using Any Android Device
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    How To Create An Android App Using Any Android Phone or Tablet

    Its like inception, Creating an Android App using and Android App which you will use in your Android Device 🙂 and You can do this with AIDE( Android IDE). In my earlier post i have listed out 6 Best Android Apps For Developers which you can install in any android device and use it as a code editor for almost all popular programming languages. With these apps you can write code but for compilation you need to transfer it to you pc. What if i tell you that your Android device can do more than just playing game and messaging. Now you can build, compile and run a Android Application…

  • 10 Best Android Apps For Developers
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    6 Best Android Apps For Developers

    No doubt Android is the most popular mobile OS available right now with over 1 billion active monthly users. According to a developer survey 71% of all mobile developers, develop for Android. You can also Develop Apps for Android quickly using LiveCode. We play games and do social networking as a normal user but these are not the only usage of your mobile. Your mobile and tablet can also be used as a development tool. In this post i am going to list out 6 Best Android Apps For Developers which can be used as a code editor for many languages. 1. DroidEdit My personal favorite android app is DroidEdit . Its a…

  • Hello World using LiveCode

    Hello World! on Android using LiveCode

    In my last post i explained about LiveCode programming language which is super easy and lets you create Apps for Android, iOS, Linux quickly without worrying the platform. Apps created through LiveCode can be ported to other platform without modifying the source code. The best thing about LiveCode is that even novice user can code and use complex features of mobile devices using English like programming language. In this post i am going to explain creating a simple Hello World! program using LiveCode and running it on any Android Mobile. LiveCode Application Structure and How it Works Before creating the app let me explain you the structure of LiveCode Application.…

  • Android App using LiveCode

    Create Apps for Android, iOS, Linux Quickly using LiveCode

    LiveCode is a programming language which allows cross platform application development very easy. its main goal is to make everybody code using high level English like language. What is LiveCode? With LiveCode you can create an App and it will work in platform like Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows without changing any code. LiveCode makes it easy to turn your concepts, ideas or designs into powerful applications. LiveCode has an easy to use drag and drop interface for creating your user interface, once you have created your UI you use LiveCode’s high-level, English like language to code your application. LiveCode is a compile free language so you can run and…