5 Essential WordPress Plugins You Need to Create Compelling Content


WordPress now powers with more than 26% of Web, according to the recent stats of March 2016 daily 500 new websites are created on WordPress. Also, it’s growing exponentially with a total market share of 59.4 as the most popular CMS.

While your site can function unlimited with over 44,000 WordPress Plugins, more specifically you need to focus on the Content quality. Content Marketing is majorly trending these days, with over 80% of B2B marketers today are content dependent.

Content Marketing talks of ‘quality over quantity’ and with the powerful WordPress Plugins featured here, you can create a killer and compelling content. Using a few of them or just a couple of them can help you on leveraging the Content Marketing strategy you follow.

Word Stats

Word Stats is a complete package that adds linguistic diagnostics to your content, which helps you, improve the content quality and also track its performance with the report page. The reports page with the author, period displays the total word count, top 20 keywords, number as well the percentage share of each type of post, and much more.

The highlight of this plugin is the diagnostic table that shows too short-long posts, relevant keywords lacking posts, etc.

  • Usage Stats:  3,000+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

Pre-Post SEO

You cannot entertain Plagiarism when it comes to content quality; any duplicate content found leads to a strict Google penalty. Pre-Post SEO plugin provides a full span of SEO and content marketing functionalities with essential plagiarism detection. The salient features of this plugin are title optimization; Meta-tags analysis, calculating keyword density, and suggestions relevant to the content quality.

  • Usage Stats: 700+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 3.3/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

Editorial Calendar

With Editorial Content you can easily manage, organize and schedule your post with this plugin. Often we overlook content on these factors against its quality, but they are equally important in creating a captivating content. Super packed with content scheduler, organizer, and manager it also offers drag and drops assistance, tools to manage posts from different authors, the status of published posts and much more.

  • Usage Stats: 50,000 + Active Installs
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

WP Keyword Suggest

WP Keyword Suggest is the easiest one to use listed in this article. Also while providing a convenient interface; it also assists you in adding best keywords relevant to your content. It fetches keyword suggestions from the famous and prominent search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It provides an extensive list of keyword suggestions improving your content quality.

  • Usage Stats: 5,000+ Active Installs
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

Easy Content Templates

With this content marketing plugin, you can decide and frame your content layout. Easy Content Templates provide the outlook of your content keeping it unique and alluring at the same time. You can easily create, modify the content templates and also share them with your authors.

  • Usage Stats: 3,000 + Active Installs
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Available at: WordPress.org

Although for content marketing creating a WordPress site is not essential but it offers the best solutions too. WordPress provides powerful plugins for Content Marketing which can make it easy for you to provide high-quality content.

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