Android Apps That Can Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Sales
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14 Android Apps That Can Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

We are living in the mobile-obsessed world where half of the consumers are busy engrossing their handheld devices/gadgets for online shopping from pure eCommerce to brick-and-click stores.

Of course, mobile friendly sites are performing well, but nearly 80% shopping takes place through mobile applications for eCommerce. If we dig further, data of a survey indicates that Android OS bearing devices are forefront in conversions for eCommerce across the globe.

Being an open source platform, Android is enjoying a plenty of advantages against its ultimate rivals such as iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile. Despite its inherent fragmentation issues, Android platform enjoys a vast audience that is a nightmare for its competitors.

Android Apps That Can Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Sales


Therefore, its quality apps are more rewarding in most of the cases than iOS apps. Thus, eCommerce merchants are eager to reap ultimate benefits of mobile presence by developing an Android application for the eCommerce store besides making online storefront mobile friendly.

How Android App Can Help an Ecommerce?

We should look after two categories of users of Android apps: eCommerce owners and eCommerce end-users.

For eCommerce end-users of Android apps:

  • Android apps can gratify speed in closing an eCommerce deal compared to the mobile friendly website
  • Due to native access to hardware and OS features, Android apps are easy to use for highly intricate features and functionality as well as giving the excellent user experiences
  • Provides easy, safe, and secure mobile payment experiences
  • You may have instant alerts and push notifications to encourage repeat buying for eCommerce
  • Shoppers can shop from anywhere and anytime, even while on-the-go due to mobility advantages of Android apps
  • Provides the best social networking opportunities to make products or services viral

For eCommerce owners and managers:

Ecommerce owners and managers need not stick with desktop or laptop like large computing devices to manage their backend of eCommerce, as different apps can help them to accomplish all such day-to-day tasks with ease even while on-the-go

“Android apps are making the life of eCommerce owners easier, highly productive, and more profitable when we see ROI.”

After such acknowledgment regarding roles of Android apps to increase eCommerce sale, we must know that which quality apps on Android platforms are capable of delivering the expected results.

For the sake of clarity and ease of comprehension, we may divide apps into some categories.

Productivity Android Applications

No.1: Evernote

It is the best personal organizer to jot down notes, save multimedia content, collaborate with a team, and creating alerts or notifications for significant tasks. It lets you integrate Android mobile app with a desktop application to perform tasks while on the go.


When we use multiple apps to manage our eCommerce for different purposes, synchronization of apps for a smooth workflow is vital to productivity and improvements. In such scenario, IFTTT is the best option to create the desired recipe to accomplish several tasks in a set pattern or a series.

You can set any combination of tasks and get relaxed to finish it all automatically with IF app.

Collaboration Android Applications

Managing an eCommerce store needs constant exchanges with office staff, suppliers, shipping agencies, delivery personals, marketing team, and so on. Therefore, communication and collaboration tools are essential for your handheld devices, and Android apps are the best bet for it without any constraint.

No.3: Slack

It is a proven collaborative tool for many industries. Therefore, it is equally efficient for eCommerce too. It lets you integrate your tasks such as documentation, reminders, events, to-do list, and email.

In due course, it enables you to integrate various tools and apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello, and so on to put required information in one place. Thus, you can share all with your teams at remote places.

Using its awesome hashtag tagging feature, you can keep open multiple conversations with different teams or parties concerning with your ecommerce business.

No.4: Trello

It is an excellent project management tool with all collaborative features and functionality to offer the modern eCommerce owners and managers who are striving for the best mobile experiences while doing their work.

Documents Sharing Android Applications

No.5: Dropbox

It is one of the best and reliable cloud services to share and store your documents. Its Android app is equally excellent to manage your eCommerce management related tasks while on the go.

It is giving free storage space of 2GB and for more, it reasonably charges so you can keep a backup of your documents, share the documents, and collaborate work in real-time.

No.6: Documents To Go

Accessing and viewing different formats of documents, images, and PDF is crucial for working with mobile devices while on the go. Therefore, Documents To Go is the best bet to view and edit different formats of documents and Google Docs directly.

Content Management Android Applications

No.7: Pocket

Finding the best content is a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. Therefore, we need an application that allows us to save the article or blog right from the browser and Pocket is mean to it.

It lets you save the documents online and organize it in folders with the Android app. You can access your save docs on any device where Pocket is installed. Sharing and organizing are quick with it, so eCommerce business owners love to work with it.

No.8: Feedly

Collecting desired info quickly on the tiny browser of mobile devices is a challenging task. You cannot read entire blogs, article, or news within the shortest time and judge what is significant and what to save in Pocket like the app.

Therefore, you need to subscribe RSS feeds of various categories of content publications and Feedly is the best app in this regards to make your life easy.

Ecommerce Monitoring Android Applications

No.9: Google Analytics

It is the best tool to monitor your eCommerce site thoroughly. It provides detailed data regarding your website traffic even on the Android devices with the best presentations in its reports.

You can know what is going on your eCommerce website, even in real-time so you can run analysis and take the well-informed decision to boost your eCommerce performance further.

No.10: Zoho CRM

Customer Relationship Management is tricky yet the most rewarding tactic for any ecommerce. Therefore, Zoho, Insightly, Sugar CRM, and Salesforce CRM are famous applications available on Android devices too.

The appropriate use of CRM can bring your eCommerce business on your fingertips and grant you amazing freedom while seriously working.

Ecommerce Social Media Android Applications

No.11: Buffer

If you use Pocket Android app to save your content and organize for final editing, Buffer is the best combination with it to distribute your content on various channels including social media networks.

It lets you publish content on different social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on according to your schedule and following the standard practices as per the guidelines are given for each platform.

Based on the analysis and reports, you can set up a perfect schedule for posting on each media with automation.

No.12: Facebook

Facebook lets you connect with your local as well as global audience using different ways. You can reach your target audience either natural ways or by paid schemes. If you want to raise your eCommerce ranking or social bar, attending Facebook sincerely makes sense.

No.13: Twitter

It is the best platform to send instant messages regarding your updates on an eCommerce site. You can share links, product images, videos regarding ecommerce business using this awesome platform and can invite as well as close deals successfully.

Ecommerce Utility Android Applications

No.14: Google Map

Today the majority of eCommerce businesses are running after location-based advantages by integrating LBS, Geo-tracking, Beacon, mathematics, and other technologies in their business processes.

In due course, Google Map app prove highly useful to create real-time collaboration and communication with staff as well as customers.


We have seen different categories of Android applications, which are essential for the modern eCommerce owners to manage the business remotely and with adequate mobility advantages.

However, using such applications and making a hard effort to boost your eCommerce are not enough unless you have excellent eCommerce application developed by seasoned eCommerce developers.

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