• Case study audio visualization view for android by Cleveroad
    Android,  Java,  Mobile

    How to implement WaveInApp Visualizer into an Android App

    Our talented developers are always full of creative ideas. And when they have a free minute, they try to put them into action. WaveInApp is a result of musical inspiration. It is a library which lets you visualize the music, you listen on any Android device, starting from 3.0 version. In other words, it’s a player, designed as an animated graphic equalizer. When you think about an equalizer while developing Android apps, you definitely imagine numerous lines, which dance on a screen in the rhythm of the music. In our equalizer, each line, which represents a certain audio-frequency, is placed one on another and has its own bright colour. When…

  • how to configure phpmailer
    Coding,  PHP

    How to configure PHPMailer correctly

    What is PHPMailer? PHPMailer is one the most popular mail library. It’s used by many popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla. It is one the most reliable mail library available for PHP. Your web application development would be incomplete without the email transactions. Whether it’s a sign-up or a financial transaction you need to integrate email functionality into your web application. The mail() function of PHP is an easy way to send emails but it relays on the sendmail library of Unix systems. Windows don’t include the local mail server so you can’t use the PHP’s mail() function. In any such cases, PHPMailer would be an excellent alternate. It…

  • HTML

    How to Migrate Your Existing HTML Website To Joomla

    Joomla is an open source and free content management system (CMS) that enables you to create reliable websites. It is written in PHP and built on model-view-controller (MVC) web application framework. It is free and uses object oriented programming concepts (OOPS). It stores data on MySQL and supports features like RSS feeds, blogs, caching etc. It leads to a high-end clientele. Joomla enables you to create content-rich interactive websites. It is commonly used to create online stores and other useful business-related websites. A Joomla template defines how your website will look and how web pages would be displayed, in short, it projects the outlook of your website. Some amazing facts…

  • Android Apps That Can Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Sales
    Android,  Mobile

    14 Android Apps That Can Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

    We are living in the mobile-obsessed world where half of the consumers are busy engrossing their handheld devices/gadgets for online shopping from pure eCommerce to brick-and-click stores. Of course, mobile friendly sites are performing well, but nearly 80% shopping takes place through mobile applications for eCommerce. If we dig further, data of a survey indicates that Android OS bearing devices are forefront in conversions for eCommerce across the globe. Being an open source platform, Android is enjoying a plenty of advantages against its ultimate rivals such as iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile. Despite its inherent fragmentation issues, Android platform enjoys a vast audience that is a nightmare for its competitors.…

  • Install Wordpress on Ubuntu VPS

    Beginners Guide To Creating The Perfect WordPress Website

    Do you want to create a website either for personal or professional use and looking for the perfect path to kick-start your venture? If you are new to WordPress or a regular user, then this article will guide you how to create a WordPress and the ways to enhance your website. You come across live journals, blogs, forums etc. Everyday with new contents and wish that you could have a website through which you can easily convey your message or if you are an entrepreneur and wants to establish your business, then having a website is a prerequisite. If you don’t have a website, then no one would come to…

  • Are Online Courses Good Enough To Learn Programming?

    Are Online Courses Good Enough To Learn Programming?

    September 12th is the day when we celebrate the International Programmer’s Day every year. However, we rarely think about the humongous amount of code that works in background when we connect with our loved ones online through video chatting service like Skype or Hangouts or shop on an e-commerce website.  We almost take for granted all these conveniences and technological aids only made possible through the code written by programmers. As the world becomes more technology driven the need of good programming minds is only going to increase in future and hence we are witnessing the sudden emphasis on learning to code. As the world is scrambling to become a…

  • Wordpress

    WordPress Errors? Here are the Best Solutions to 10 Most Common Errors In WordPress

    WordPress is indisputably the most popular Content Management System to build a robust and visually appealing website. However, while WordPress is extremely flexible and easy to use, there are certain WordPress errors that may make even a non-technical person frustrated. Whether it’s the error establishing database connection or a white screen of death, it drives us crazy. But whenever WordPress decides to popup an error, punch it back with the following solutions. In today’s post, we have compiled a list of most common WordPress errors and also shared the most effective solutions for them. 1. Internal Server Error or 500 Internal Server Error Internal Server Error or 500 Internal Server…

  • Use Rsync to Backup Local and Remote Directories on Linux
    Coding,  Unix

    How To Use Rsync to Backup Local and Remote Directories on Linux

    Recently while working on a project i had a requirement to regularly take backup of our source file folder to some other location for archival and Rsync utility came handy here. In this post i am going to explain how we can use Rsync to Sync or Backup Local and Remote Directories. What Is Rsync? Rsync is a utility that keeps copies of a file on two computer systems. It is commonly found on Unix-like systems and functions as both a file synchronization and file transfer program. It is famous for its delta-transfer algorithm, which reduces the amount of data sent over the network by sending only the differences between the…

  • Wordpress

    5 Essential WordPress Plugins You Need to Create Compelling Content

    WordPress now powers with more than 26% of Web, according to the recent stats of March 2016 daily 500 new websites are created on WordPress. Also, it’s growing exponentially with a total market share of 59.4 as the most popular CMS. While your site can function unlimited with over 44,000 WordPress Plugins, more specifically you need to focus on the Content quality. Content Marketing is majorly trending these days, with over 80% of B2B marketers today are content dependent. Content Marketing talks of ‘quality over quantity’ and with the powerful WordPress Plugins featured here, you can create a killer and compelling content. Using a few of them or just a…