Has HTML5 Taken Over Adobe Flash Player?

Website creation involves paying consideration to a lot of factors, right from choosing the development tools, to programming languages and a lot more goes into creating a successful site. However, when it comes to making a site highly interactive, we mull over two technologies – Flash and HTML5.

Has HTML5 Taken Over Adobe Flash Player

A lot of people are convinced that Flash is done, and soon HTML5 will take over Flash Player. However, there have been no signs of Adobe Flash Player abating. But it can be observed that a lot of developers are using HTML5 instead of Flash Player, and it doesn’t make sense to use two components simultaneously – especially when both of them perform the same functionality.

Now you may ask yourself whether HTML5 has really taken over Adobe Flash Player or not. Well, time will tell whether that will happen or not. But this post will provide you a better understanding of some of the benefits that make HTML5 a more widely used technology compared to Flash Player. But before learning about the benefits, let’s first know a little about HTML5 and Flash Player.

A Brief on HTML5 and Adobe Flash Player

Has HTML5 Taken Over Adobe Flash Player

HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML programming language that has been the “de facto” to create standard websites. By writing HTML codes, you can embed disparate multimedia elements and content to your text file. The best part about using HTML5 is that you can easily add multimedia contents to a site without using any plug-in. In addition, HTML5 powered sites can be accessed on different screen sizes – be it Smartphones, tablets or desktops.

For the last 10 years, Adobe Flash Player has been used to add animation in a site. It renders designers and graphic artists a room to hone their creativity with the help of its built-in visual effects. The best aspect about Adobe is that they keep on releasing newer updates and versions on a regular basis, so as to provide developers and users a richer multimedia experience. And now, the 14 version of Adobe Flash Player is available for download.

Benefits of HTML5 (that makes it better than Adobe Flash Player)

Has HTML5 Taken Over Adobe Flash Player

Easy Deployment of Content

In order to deploy Flash content you’ll have to pray that your users have the latest Flash Player installed or else they might not be access your site’s Flash content. That’s right, whether the Flash content will be displayed on the user screen or not depends entirely on a variable – which can’t be controlled by the designers – and depends on whether the user accessing your website has Flash Player installed or not. Although, the Adobe Flash Player plugin can be downloaded for free, but it won’t work unless it is being installed manually by the user.

Your HTML5 content can be deployed easily and in a hassle-free manner and doesn’t require any plugin. You just simply need to write the code, upload the files to your web host, and your website content will be available in the browser.

The Usability Factor

Well, it’s an obvious fact that new technologies are developed to provide enhanced experience. This fact applies to HTML5 and Flash Player technology as well. Wondering how? The processing power that web browser takes to execute an HTML5 web page is substantially lower compared to the processing power needed to load the Flash content.

In fact, this can be considered the biggest reason because of which HTML5 is preferred more than Flash Player, as people using mobile devices for web browsing want the site to run faster. Since HTML5 has better processing power than Flash Player the HTML-enabled pages can be accessed quickly.

Apple is Promoting HTML5!

Has HTML5 Taken Over Adobe Flash Player

The top-notch brand “Apple” has been using HTML5 as an alternative for displaying flash based content on mobile devices. More and more people are accessing the Internet via their Smartphones or tablets, but they want the sites to load quickly and would be difficult to achieve if you’ve flash based content added to the site. As discussed previously, Flash player has the least amount of processing power in comparison to HTML5, and thus takes time to load – something that can’t be tolerated by mobile users.

On the other hand, HTML5 provides a better web experience on mobile devices including multimedia contents.

So, What’s the Final Verdict?

After reading the benefits that HTML5 over Adobe Flash Player you’ll certainly be convinced that Flash has been overtaken by HTML5. Well, it could be true in case of mobile devices; given the fact a few years back Adobe itself admitted that “Flash For Mobile is Done, HTML5 is the Future”. But it doesn’t mean that Flash usage has died and it will not be used. Also, Flash has been around us since the dawn of the Internet, and it’s not something that will die down soon merely because a better web technology has entered into the web world; but you can say that the usage of HTML5 is growing.

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